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A single-axis tracking system is a tracking system for solar panels where the pivot of the photovoltaic support structure is installed parallel to the surface and rotates along the north-south direction around a vertical axis, allowing the solar panels to track the maximum one-dimensional angle of incidence of sunlight in a direction perpendicular to the sun. 

60% more efficient

10°-85° automatic adjustable angle

Smart sensors (light and rain)


Highly waterproof and wind-resistant

App remote control

3-year warranty

Power Up with a 60% Boost

More Power, Zero Hassle.
The EcoFlow Single Axis Solar Tracker enables every apartment and home balcony to achieve energy independence using minimal space. By automatically tracking the angle of direct sunlight from 10 to 85 degrees on a single axis, it helps maximize the use of renewable energy.

* In mid-to-high latitudes (30°–60° latitude), a single shaft provides significant power generation gain compared to a vertical, optimally fixed installation.
Under ideal conditions:
– The single-axis tracking offers an increased gain of at least 20% over the local best installation, regardless of the southeast-southwest azimuth range.
– Single-axis tracking gains range from at least 60% to 146% over vertical installation, regardless of the southeast-southwest azimuth range.

The most hassle-free user experience

Advanced Sensors for Sunlight and Weather.
We have developed a new rain-light sensor that can sensitively capture changes in the natural environment and weather, ensuring optimal energy production and safe use of solar panels.

The solar tracker automatically adjusts its angle to ensure maximum energy production when there is significant sunlight variation.
It also adapts to nearby trees or buildings casting shadows, optimizing energy production.

When encountering heavy rain, the solar tracker adjusts its angle for optimal energy production and self-protection.

The solar tracker automatically adjusts to 10 degrees when facing wind levels above 6, ensuring safe usage. It has a wind resistance capability of up to level 8.
In cases of higher wind levels, it is recommended to temporarily remove and store the solar tracker appropriately.

* Equipped with a rain-light sensor, this solar tracker features automatic adjustment functions, including sun-tracking mode (>50000 lux every 30 minutes), sun-searching mode (>30000 lux), auto-sleep mode (≤30000 lux), and automatic shutdown during rain or typhoon warnings (typhoon level 6).

A better energy-saving solution

Chase the Sun with Most of the Rigid Solar Panels on the Market.
With an expandable frame, the tracker works seamlessly with most rigid solar panels on the market, ensuring high-efficiency power generation. The tracker is compatible with rigid solar panels in a dimensional range of 1000–2500 mm (39.4–98.4 in) in length, 600–1200 mm (23.6-47.2 in) in width, and 30–40 mm (1.2–1.6 in) in height.

Maximized efficiency

Dynamic Power Solutions Providing More Possibilities

On-grid power solution (Solar tracker + 400W Solar Panel + PowerStream Microinverter) When combined with a micro-inverter, it becomes the most convenient on-grid energy-saving solution for your home.
Off-grid power solution (Solar tracker + 100W Solar Panel + PowerStream Microinverter) When combined with a portable power station, it provides the strongest and most stable power generation companion for your off-grid adventures.

Smart controls

Control Easily Via the App or Manual Operation.
It automatically switches on and operates throughout the day, switching off when the sun sets or is out of sight. You can easily monitor the solar tracker’s operation status through the EcoFlow App. In particular circumstances, you can manually adjust the angle of the tracker. It’s highly efficient, intelligent, and safe to use.

Optimized performance and security

Durable and Safe Design for Long-Lasting Performance.
Our tracker is made of highly corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with exceptional waterproofing, offering reliable and durable outdoor installation in any weather condition. Choosing the EcoFlow balcony solar system is a long-term investment in home energy independence.

* The control box is not waterproof during heavy rainstorms.



(sisaldab 22% KM)

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